Weekly Message from Rev Joanna

Dear church family

This Sunday join us at either of our services where we will consider God’s generosity and abundance.  In a time when so much seems negative, it’s good to consider how God has blessed us in the Trunch Group and how his abundant love is at work in our communities – and what our response to that might be.  So do join us:

10.00am Holy Communion, Mundesley church;

11.00am Café church, Mundesley community rooms

There’s good coffee and cake at all our services – all provided by members of our hospitality team.  We are so grateful for those who bake – and I suspect there are many of you with this gift too!  So if you’d like to help out on an occasional or regular basis please let me know!

Going forward our services are:

Sunday, 12th February – 10.00am Holy Communion, Trunch church.  (NB no café church as it’s the beginning of half term)

Sunday, 19th February – 10.00am Holy Communion, Knapton church; 11.00am Café church, Mundesley community rooms

Wednesday, 22nd February – 10.00am Ash Wednesday Holy Communion with (optional) Ashing, Mundesley church

Sunday 26th February – 10.00am Holy Communion, Paston church; 11.00am Café church, Mundesley community rooms

Sunday 5th March – 10.00am Holy Communion, Mundesley church; 11.00am Café church, Mundesley community rooms

And of course, every Wednesday we meet in the Community Rooms in Mundesley for an informal service of Holy Communion at 10.00am.  All services are followed by coffee/tea and cake and a chance to chat to others.

Following Ash Wednesday on 22nd February, we enter Lent, a time when we seek to deepen our faith and discipleship, preparing our hearts and minds for remembering Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  Some may choose to fast (or give things up) and this is important, but we can also consider how we put others first in our generosity and behaviour, how we can learn from Jesus’ teaching in new and fresh ways.  Do consider joining a small group for study during Lent (See attached sheet with lots of options) or undertake to read a daily reflection or go on a regular prayer walk…. I’d love to hear what you’re planning – let me know!

2023 02 05 Lent Learning

2023 02 05 Notice Sheet

With every blessing


Rev Joanna Haywood
Curate, The Trunch Group

01692 406091

My usual rest day is Monday